What To Put In Your Green Smoothie

fresh juice
  • Never blend anything but fruits, green leafy vegetables, and ice.

  • Use only green leafy vegetables to combine with fruits in smoothies.

  • Don't try to be perfect. 60% fruit and 40% greens along with some water.

  • Add some ice to make a cold treat.

  • Spinach has a very mild taste, use it  to help you get used to adding greens to your drink.

  • Green smoothies are made in a blender and thus retain all of the fiber in the raw materials.
When you use your blender to create a smoothie you are making what people are beginning to call "whole juice."  This is because the juice like result contains all of the important fiber of the original ingredients.  When you consume your smoothie your blood sugar will not spike because the natural fibers inhibit this response.

Since smoothies are made in a blender and not a juicer they retain all of the natural fiber contained in their ingredients.  This makes them a great choice for weight loss.  Making a whole juice in your blender is to select water-rich fruits like citrus, oranges, pineapple, berries, melon, and grapes and blend them with leafy greens like spinach, celery and other non-starchy veggies. You can add more water, fresh-squeezed juice, or even coconut milk to get a more juicy consistency. Spice it with fresh ginger, lemon and lime for added flavor.

Whole juices are perfect for drinking first thing in the morning or between meals. They are especially good during times of illness. Juices replenish important vitamins and minerals with a low-calorie impact, so they can help people who are trying to lose weight.

What Are The Best Ingredients To Put In A Green Smoothie

You make a green smoothie by adding water rich fruits together with green vegetables, typically something like celery and spinach leaves, and some ice into your blender.  These will yield a great tasting and very nutritious smoothie.

The trick to making a good smoothie is not to use too many ingredients.  Keep your smoothies simple.  Use water rich fruits and green leafy vegetables like spinach.  Spinach is the perfect green to add to your smoothie.  It has a very mild taste and will not spoil your great fruit taste.  Kale on the other hand adds a harsh taste so if you are adding Kale to your smoothie for the first time go slow with it.

Celery Is Such A Good Food, Add Celery To All Your Smoothies

Celery is another great ingredient to add to your smoothie,  It has many great medicinal properties.  Celery is a more perfect food than anyone realizes. It also has some excellent healing properties. Joint pain and arthritis relief is one of it's benefits. It's plant hormones have a calming effec and it is good to tame nervousness.  It's phytonutrients also prevent as well as fight cancer. These powerful substances can even help shrink tumors. The University of Chicago says that celery also fights cholesterol and also increases bile production to remove cholesterol. Celery juice is also a safe and natural laxative.  Then there is the blood pressure reduction that many experience. 

After a time you will begin to experience health benefits that are unbelievable. Diseases like diabetes have abated within a month on a smoothie diet when combined with a rigorous exercise  program.  This is an amazing thing for those who have been sentenced to a life of insulin.

No matter what issues you have a juicing diet can help you free yourself from them.  Use it responsibly with the assistance of your physician of course but do move forward.  You owe it to yourself to get the most out of life that you can and this is one way to do it.

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Raw Green Vegetables

green smoothie for lunch Drinking green smoothies is a tremendous way to get lots of green vegetables into your diet even if you don't really care for them.  The best thing about it though is these are raw foods.  Raw green vegetables, full of enzymes and micro nutrients.  Added to this are fruits to make it all taste good and to provide still more nutrition.

The other thing is you probably already have the blender that it takes to mix it all up.  The blender will break down the plant walls that holds the nutrition meaning that it can go to work almost instantly in your body.  This will also make the full spectrum of nutrition available to you.  This nutrition is often lost when eating vegetables that have not been blended.  Most people don't chew well enough to break down the cell walls the way a blender can.  Trust me this is really awesome stuff.

Here Is A Green Smoothie Recipe 

1 1/2 cups of water
add 2 big handfuls of spinach
1 head of romaine lettuce
Blend it all until smooth

Now add in a pear and an apple along with 4 stalks of celery
Blend til smooth again.

Finally juice 1/2 lemon add it in along with a banana, blend and drink.
1/2 cup of ice, optional.

You will absorb the maximum nutrients possible from this smoothie.  This includes protein, and fiber that will sweep your body clean from the inside.

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