Scientific Research Shows Juices Can Reduce Cholesterol And Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is a huge problem world-wide but there is increasing evidence that simply changing our attitude toward food and adding more juice to our diets can change that.

Heart disease is a complex problem that range from those seen at birth (Congenital defects) to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) that develop later in life. There are many factors related to heart disease. Angina and hardening of the arteries are caused by plaque build up that narrow the pathway for blood.

Plaque is fat, LDL cholesterol and other things, but the build up is greater for people who have high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and low HDL or good cholesterol levels. When the excess LDL cholesterol oxidises the plaque builds up on the walls constricting the blood flow. When you have sufficient HDL cholesterol it helps prevent the plaque from increasing by moving it to the liver.

Pain (angina) or heart attack can be caused by just the plaque buildup. Even worse, if the plaque becomes torn or ruptured it can block the artery causing coronary thrombosis or heart attack. Hardened arteries can also be causes by improper platelet activation which causes them to clot.

Grape Juice inhibits Atherosclerosis

It has been well publicized that red wine can help keep your heart healthy. There is a substance in grapes known as polyphenols this comes out in the wine. Recent tests have shown that even though grape juice has fewer polyphenols than red wine, grape juice is superior in inhibiting atherosclerosis. Purple grape juice also helps people with coronary artery disease by improving the cells (endothelial) lining in the hardened arteries while inhibiting improper platelet activation.

Fruit Juices Reduce Cholesterol

Pomegranate juice also can protect against cardiovascular diseases by reducing cholesterol build up as in plaque; it thus reduces atherosclerosis.

Orange juice also lowers cholesterol and reduces atherosclerosis. 3 1/4 cups of orange juice will decrease the good/bad cholesterol ratio by 16%. And in smokers, where the bad effects are multiplied a combination of carrot and orange juice will significantly decrease the oxidation of LDL and thus decrease plaque formation.

Tomato juice is also effective, and if you add garlic to it or to any juice it will decrease bad cholesterol and increase the good, it also inhibits plaque formation.

Vegetables and Cholesterol

Plant sterols and stanols reduce LDL, in one case 2 grams per day of plant sterol ester decreased LDL from 9 to 20%. Plant sterols are found in high amounts in vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower which can be juiced to your great benefit.

The herb, ginger will likewise reduce LDL cholesterol and abnormal cell tissue in the arteries around the heart. It can be added to you juice to good effect

Clearly fruit and vegetable juices can help support your cardio vascular system and even help reverse conditions that may already exist.

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