Juicing Wheatgrass

Have you decided to take charge of your health and wellness by including juicing in your diet?  If so, you don't want to miss wheatgrass.  If there is such a thing as power juicing then wheatgrass is a big part of what it is.  Wheatgrass has the power to change your life, make you feel better, and give you energy that you didn't know you had.  If this interests you then I encourage you to read on...

Wheatgrass is one of the most nutritionally complete foods available.  It has a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and even protein.  It has everything you need to maintain health and repair your body.  It also contains a natural appetite suppressant and will greatly benefit anyone wanting to lose weight.
Wheatgrass has been growing in popularity and research proves its healing abilities.  Wheatgrass cannot only help keep you healthy but can be used to fight and in some cases reverse degenerative diseases.  Wheatgrass can detoxify, lower blood pressure, and promote digestion.  It also helps increase oxygen levels in the blood and boosts the immune system.  Wheatgrass has a higher proportion of chlorophyll in relation to other green vegetables, as much as 70%.  Chlorophyll is directly made from the sunlight the plant receives and it is believed to help prevent cancer.

 Wheatgrass is increasing in popularity for all of those reasons and is showing up more and more in juicing recipes and at juice bars.  While many people like to grow their own wheatgrass at home, more and more stores and health food stores have it available.  Most people are not fond of the taste of wheatgrass but appealing combinations of it in a base of apple or carrot juice are very tasty.  And this is one of the great things about juicing, you can consume vegetables that you might never eat by combining them with others with more appealing flavors.

It has been shown that the nutrition in two ounces of wheatgrass juice is the same as the value of four pounds of organic green vegetables.  You don’t want to consume much more than a couple of ounces of it a day or it can upset your stomach, aside from that the great benefits of wheatgrass juice are apparent and all of these nutrients assimilates into the blood stream in around 20 minutes. 

The chlorophyll in wheatgrass is similar in make up to red blood cells.  It enters the blood stream and breaks down carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  It works to build new red blood cells quickly after you consume it.  It works to reduce high blood pressure and helps promote healthy cell growth.

Drinking wheatgrass juice in the morning can replace drinking coffee or tea as a pick me up.  This is a real charge to your body and not an artificial caffeine high.  When you drink wheat juice you will feel the effect right away and its effects will stay with you.  For these reasons it is highly recommended as a way to start out your day.

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