The Benefits of Juicing

juicing benefits
Fruits and vegetables are some of the most healthy things that you can eat.  But whether we like it or not, many of us don’t really like them enough to eat the recommended portions everyday in our diets.  Even if we do chances are it has been cooked thus destroying a lot of the nutrients that they contain.  Many people recognize this and it is partly responsible for the popularity of juices like V8.  V8 is an easy way to add essential fruits and vegetables to you meals and improve your diet.  Yet products like V8 are loaded with preservatives and not as nutrient rich as fresh juice.  Why not make your own juice and adjust it to your taste and your nutritional needs?
Face it, fresh fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that you cannot get anywhere else.  They are loaded with nutrients that are important to preventing and curing just about any ailment that can befall you.  What is more, when you juice these items it is like taking concentrate, all of the nutrients come out and a lot of the bulk is left behind giving you a supercharged and healthy meal.  Did you know that cabbage juice is good for treating ulcers?  That cherries are good for treating gout?  That cranberry juice is good for urinary tract infections?  Grapes contain trans-resveratrol which has been linked to longevity and life extension in recent studies.  Much of this is common knowledge and yet we do not add these things in as a regular part of our diets.  The other thing is that some of the good stuff is contained in the seeds of the fruit which are thrown away unless you juice them.  When you juice, you put it all in, peel, seeds, and all.  Thus the juice has the full nutrition that is available.
Bottled juice is not nearly as tasty or potent as juice that you can make at home in your kitchen.  Many are made from concentrate and not whole juices and then there is the matter of pasteurization or boiling the juice to kill bacteria.  Pasteurization destroys many of the powerful nutrients along with the bacteria.  But if you make your own juice you avoid these problems and get all that nature has put into the fruits and vegetables.

You will find juicing quick and easy.  With today’s large mouth juicers you can put most things in full size and of course there is no need to peel or de-seed them, just throw in the whole piece and get everything locked inside into your cup.  No, juicing is fast and easy, and if you drink only a single glass of fresh juice everyday you will boost your vitality and health to new levels.
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