About Us

This site is here to educate about the power and health benefits of juicing.

An amazing aspect of Power Juicing is that it doesn't have to consume your life.  Drinking even one glass of fresh juice daily adds vitality to your life in unbelievable dimensions.
But better yet, it's a healthy nutritional practice that you can even enjoy with your children.  Choose their favorites fruits -- okay, perhaps "flavors" when we're talking kids! -- and create a unique Power Juice creation just for them.  You can even name the drink after your child.  For a certain age group, this alone is enticing!
Think about starting your child off to school with fresh juice fortified with the nourishment needed to help her get through her day.  It might even make you feel like a Super Mom or Super Dad!

If you have any questions about juicing please feel free to write us at info@ejuicebenefits.org