How To Use Juice To Lower Your Blood Pressure And Other Numbers, Natural Juice Recipes For Your Health

by Michael Griffin

spinach juiceNatural Juice Recipes To Add More Nutrition To Your Life 

Juicing is a way to consume raw fruits and vegetables and get all of the nutritional value but avoid the great bulk and bad taste that many have. Instead by combining the good tasting ones with the nutritious ones that don't taste so good you can create a great tasting, healthy drink. This makes it possible for you to easily get your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. 

Juicing strips out all of the main nutritional elements and leaves most of the fiber behind. While fiber is important it is easily obtained whereas the other more important nutrients that you would have to eat great quantities of fruits and vegetables to obtain. 

Fruit And Vegetable Juice Recipes 

There are many great health benefits from juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. These items are great individually but when blended in juice recipes their nutrients combine and the whole becomes greater than the parts. I'm going to give you a tasty recipe and we will analyse it's elements and see the great nutritional value it contains. 

Carrot juiceThe Juice Recipe Analysis 

This juice contains carrots, spinach, Asian pear, and watermelon. Together these super nutritious elements combine for added health benefits. 

A quarter of a cup of carrots a day can help you put the check on cardiovascular disease eating even more reduces your risk more and by juicing them their nutrition is released and your body won't have to use up energy to get it. 

Spinach is loaded with Vitamin C and phytonutrients and has been shown to prevent prostate cancer, it also protects you stomach from damage and reduces inflammation. It's mild flavor makes it a great addition to any juice. Spinach contains folate, potassium, and magnesium which are important for blood pressure. 

Asian pear is loaded with fiber and contains mico-nutrients that are helpful to protect against cardiovascular problems and support bone and blood health. This means lowering blood pressure too. 

Watermelon is an underrated addition, watermelon has the highest source of Lycopene of all the things you might juice it has healthy benefits for men, women, children, and even pregnant women. 

Here is the recipe 

1 carrot 
1 handful of spinach 
1 Asian pear 
1 cup watermelon cups 

This juice will help keep you healthy as well as providing nutritional treatment for the conditions listed above as well as many others. Juices unleash the nutrition directly into your blood stream by avoiding the need for digesting it. I'd like to invite you to view our free video on the benefits of juicing. The video will introduce you to a resource that will tell you everything you need to know from a juice fast to juicing for weight loss. You will learn how to make the most effective use of juice in your life. Visit

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